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Annapolis Real Estate Expert

Annapolis Real Estate Expert

Why am I a real estate professional? To shower love and money upon my seven grandchildren and provide them with a wonderful vacation for two weeks at Holden Beach, NC. And to ensure that "She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed" has access to the finer things that she justly deserves.

How long have I been selling real estate? I have been selling real estate in Annapolis MD, The Land of Pleasant Living, for over 35 years.

Where do I live? Except for a tour in the Marine Corps in the 60’s, and college in the 80’s, I lived in Annapolis all of my life. I now live in the Heritage Harbour community.

Something people are surprised to learn about me? Just for some fun, I worked as a Colonial tour guide for Watermark Tours in Annapolis.

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711 Bestgate Road
Annapolis , MD 21401
United States
1443.569.2736 (cell) 1410.224.0600 (office)
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